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All products sold will have a warranty of one year from the date of shipment which may be extended to 18 months if not installed within the first 6 months. The warranty shall be limited to defects in material and workmanship only. Seller will be obligated only to repair or replace the product or portion of product deemed defective only due to material and workmanship attributed to manufacturing. No products shall be warrantied for the final application or considered fit for the use(s) intended, unless specifically stated in writing by Straval and all operating and system criteria clearly specified. No products will be covered under warranty for wear, erosion, corrosion or cavitation conditions, water hammer, pressure spikes, or other system conditions that may result in adverse valve performance or valve failure. Warranty shall not include performance characteristics and will be limited to pressure containment of the body and other structural parts at the specified pressure and temperature sold for, as long as the product is not exposed to corrosive media that may compromise the structural integrity of the product. Metal seated valves will not be warrantied for bubble tight shut off, but are manufactured to meet Class IV leakage standards as set by ANSI/FCI70-2 (0.01% leakage of full open valve capacity) which can only be verified in a clean filtered system with no piping contamination present. It is the user's responsibility to maintain a clean filtered or strained piping system to keep the valve and strainer products fully operational and free from contamination and take all necessary precautions for keeping the fluid of gas from freezing , crystallizing or solidifying during operation. Because none of the Straval valve metal seated valves are intended to be sold as shutoff valves, it is the customers' responsibility to add external shut off or relief devices to handle any leakage that the valve is not able to contain. Since the customer assumes the responsibility for selecting the materials for all purchased products, and under no circumstances will any products be warrantied against possibilities for galling which is a metallurgical surface deterioration and phenomenon resulting from selecting two identical or similar materials subjected to relative motion in a non-lubricated environment. Seals, packings, diaphragms, strainer baskets or strainer elements, and other wearing or moving parts such as springs, poppets, pistons & guides, are excluded, and will not be under warranty unless the material or workmanship has been established to be unsatisfactory.


Restricted Applications:

No products shall be sold for aircraft or hovercraft use, manned, or unmanned. This includes unmanned surface vehicles. Such applications must be immediately disclosed to the seller. Seller will under no circumstance accept any warranty,  or liability for such applications. With our standard methods of manufacture and assembly we use standard petroleum based lubricants, therefore, no products, valves or strainers are suitable for pure oxygen service as they are not prepared and de-greased for such use. Customers who decide to purchase our products must take on the responsibility of properly cleaning and de-greasing the product for such service must do so at their own risk.

No products shall be sold for medical use or any type of life support devices such as scuba equipment or medical breathing devices or ventilators.

Such orders shall be clearly made known to the seller which will result in an immediate cancelation. Failure to notify the seller for any life support applications will under no circumstances obligate the seller in any way with any product failures, injury or death or any other consequences that may ensue.

For Online Orders, buyer assumes the responsibility of determining if the product is sized properly, materials and options are selected properly, and that the product is suitable for the application intended with information available on line or with information supplied from the factory when requested. Although selection aids and links to external calculations or material recommendations may be available on our website or via external links, Straval will not be responsible for the accuracy or correctness of these results.


Any product, which is believed to be defective by the buyer, will require return to the factory with a material return authorization including a written statement of observed defect or deficiency. Defects arising from shipments must be immediately reported to the freight carrier to file an insurance claim with detailed and proper proof of photos of shipment damage to the original packaging and parts damage reported individually by serial number. If not shipping related, after evaluation or test by the seller, the product may be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the seller to correct the stated deficiency. If in the opinion of the seller, and agreement with the buyer, spare parts can be sent as replacements to correct a problem for sake of expediency, the buyer shall make the necessary replacements at no additional cost to the seller except for the cost of the repair parts and standard ground freight costs to ship the parts, otherwise the entire product must be returned to Straval for evaluation at buyer's expense. After a product evaluation is made, the customer will be notified of any repairs required as a warranty repair, or repairs that will be charged to the customer due to wear, contamination, corrosion, etc. Seller will not be responsible for any lost downtime or consequential damages during the evaluation period or return freight charges. Customer is encouraged to keep essential spares or the entire spare assembly on hand for critical process applications to minimize downtime. Insurance claim settlements if any, are beyond the manufacturer's control and the burden of proof of damages rests with the receiver accepting the package from the shipper.




Covid Clause


Straval cannot accept cancellation of an order once placed and has progressed far enough into the manufacturing cycle.Manufacturing times or delivery dates provided are estimates and are based on the availability manpower and materials at the time of quotation. Since we are manufacturing a custom, made to order product, we are not always able to meet our estimated deliveries, especially during the Covid pandemic conditions where we are operating under unforeseeable supply chain constraints. However, we are making  every  effort, to expedite shipments and offering material upgrades whenever possible and offering overtime to our employees as a possible remedy. We are therefore unable to accept order cancelations or liability for any delays that may result on the customers end because of any delays in Covid related deliveries.




No “time of essence” clauses in the buyers purchase order will be honored due to late delivery which may be due conditions beyond the control of Straval, its suppliers or freight handlers. Seller shall make every effort to keep within quoted or agreed upon delivery and notify the buyer of unforeseen extended delays. Seller cannot guarantee its suppliers or delivery carriers will perform as quoted or expected. If a delay is anticipated while the order is in progress, seller shall make an effort to notify the buyer of the expected delay and what actions can be taken to correct or improve the delayed ship date changing the shipping method if necessary. Changes to expedited shipping costs due to delays will be agreed on with the buyer and seller. When the seller requires an urgent delivery on a specific date which is sooner than the standard quoted manufacturing lead-time, the buyer and seller will agree on an expediting charge to meet the required delivery date. If the seller fails to ship the product on the date agreed upon, seller shall forfeit collecting the expediting charge on a prorated basis and limit invoicing to the standard product pricing as stated on the purchase order. In no case shall seller accept consequential damages or losses due to late delivery.

Drawings & Specifications


 All products sold will be manufactured to dimensions as published on our website or to the sellers drawing specifications at time in effect of sale and shipment or as submitted for a specific job. Seller reserves the right to make product material or dimensional changes at any time on our website when deemed necessary by the seller unless agreed to otherwise between the buyer and seller. If a buyer requests a certified drawing or a special drawing developed specifically for the buyer, seller shall not deviate from it, unless agreed upon by the buyer in writing. If a significant change may affect the buyer, such as an overall dimensional change, which could affect piping, or installation, or primary wetted material change, the seller shall notify the buyer of the proposed or pending change only when a drawing submittal is made for a custom job.

Certifications, Conformance Requirements & Documentation: Unless otherwise specified seller shall use standard commercially available materials as quoted and typical physical and chemical reports will be supplied when requested at time of order with applicable charges added. If specific traceable heat numbers with physical and chemical reports (MTR's) must be documented for an order for specific parts or the entire product, seller will require special material purchases, make a special manufacturing run which will require a custom quotation with extended deliveries. Requesting MTR's with heat number traceability after the order has been placed and shipped is normally not possible. There will be a separate charge for all certifications, physical and chemical test reports at time of order unless specifically called out in our price quotation. These are not included in the pricing displayed on our website. Seller shall manufacture products to Straval Standards and practices, unless a specific procedure is agreed upon. Such procedures shall be called out as a separate line item in the buyers purchase order. No other documentation or certifications, except standard product instructions and packing lists shall be supplied with shipment unless agreed upon between buyer and seller and so called out on buyers purchase order.

Packaging and Marking


 All products manufactured and shipped by the seller shall be marked and packaged by the seller’s standard. Any damages observed after shipment must be reported immediately to the carrier for claims. All shipments made by Straval are shipped with insurance for the full sales amount, which are included with the shipping charges on the customers’ invoice.


Freight Charges, Tarrifs and Duties and duties


All prices quoted on line or special quotations made by the factory do not include freight charges, tarrifs, and export duties or any local destination charges. These are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Acceptance of Straval Terms & Conditions:


Straval will accept purchase order only with Straval Terms and condititons.

Furthermore, unless otherwise specified, acceptance of our terms and condititons also implies that it applies to current as well as all future orders.


Payment Terms


Online orders are paid by an approved credit card that the seller accepts, or when requested, by wire transfer ACH payments, Certified bank check, or C.O.D. at the discretion of the seller. During this pandemic crisis, Net 30 terms will no longer be granted. Straval will not finance any valve or strainer orders. All payments must be made before shipment including freight charges.

Orders for special, non-stock or custom materials will require payment for products at time of order, before shipment or in the specific manner agreed on in advance, will require a minimum of 50% payment in advance to commit to the custom material alloy purchases and to cover sales order, engineering and manufacturing start up costs. Balance of the order including freight is due at time of shipment.

Returns, Cancellations


All  of our products manufactured by Straval are usually made specifically to the buyers’ purchase order or online web order. Although we do stock only some limited finished products, they will be treated as custom orders and are therefore not returnable. Products also cannot be returned because they do not meet local, regional or national standards, i.e. ASME, API (US), CRN (Canadian) or PED/CE (European) or other custom standards. It is the customers responsibility to determine what local or regional requirements must be met in order to get the product installed and approved. Cancellations for orders placed and started must be received in writing as soon as possible. A cancelation charge of 15% will be charged if the order is canceled within 24 hrs for order processing time and enginering review charges. If a partial cancelation is made such as when an order is reduced in the quantity of product ordered, then the cancelation charges will be based on that portion that is reduced or canceled. Cancellation charges that are in production beyond that will be determined based on the stage at which the order has progressed and will be based on materials ordered and manufacturing time already spent. If the product is already 2/3 complete or ready for shipment, full cancellation charges will be applied and must be paid in full according to our payment terms. If the product is already shipped, under no circumstances may returns be made without the express permission of the seller. 


Proposition 65 Warning. Applies to Sales to California only

The State of California has determined that from a list of over 900 chemicals they have identified Nickel and Chromium, among others to cause cancer and reproductive harm and birth defects. Our products will have the appropriate warning labels affixed when they apply. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov



Any disputes that cannot be resolved between the buyer and seller shall be resolved according to the laws in the state of New Jersey.

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