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We manufacture a variety of high-quality strainers and valves at our facility in Elmwood Park, NJ, USA using the latest CAD/CAM design, machinery, and manufacturing methods. We're constantly expanding and upgrading our manufacturing capabilities with the addition of several new CNC machines including the latest 5 axis machines. Each strainer and valve is individually tested before packaging and shipment to assure trouble-free performance.

Stra-Val is a manufacturer of relief valves, back pressure valves, pressure-reducing valves, pump overpressure valves, bypass valves, and basket strainer assemblies. We also manufacture a pressure-reducing valve that provides controlled outlet pressure and is self-regulating using spring-loaded or remote air-loaded means for valve pressure control. Many of these products are available with sanitary flange connections as sanitary pressure regulators, sanitary bypass valves, and sanitary relief valves, in an all stainless steel valve construction.

All of our metal products, from our basket strainer to our pressure-reducing valve products, are manufactured from bar stock, forgings, and formed products. Our recent addition of all plastic pressure regulators, plastic relief valves and plastic Back pressure valves where no metals are exposed in the flow stream, are also manufactured from readily available bar stock which permit us to offer products at a reasonable price and with fast deliveries. Since most of our metal products are corrosion-resistant valves and corrosion-resistant strainers, we do not use castings and therefore do not offer our valves or strainers in cast iron, which are limited to low-pressure valve and low-pressure strainer applications and non-corrosive applications. In many instances some  products can be priced lower simply by selecting the nonwetted parts to a lower grade of stainless steel or even carbon steel where it is offered. Where metals cannot be exposed to corrosive liquids, our all plastic valves can very often be selected at a lower cost than some of the exotic alloys that we also offer. In many cases these are priced directly in our web site pages for comparison.

Our strength and specialty is in manufacturing our products in materials such as stainless steel types 303SS and 316SS, Monel, Hastelloy, titanium, Alloy 20 stainless steel, corrosion resistant plastics such as PVC, PVDF (Kynar), and Teflon (PTFE). Many of these products are used as acid-resistant valves and chemical-resistant valves and strainers and for petroleum products. Some of our popular models and sizes are priced on line in Titanium, Alloy 20 and Hastelloy and Monel. These prices may change as market prices change. If we can buy the material ,we can make the valve or strainer for you. Where we don't display prices we display  the letters "Call" where we prefer you  contact us by e-mail if at all possible, as we may not be always available during the hours you may be working.

Our goal is to manufacture products that are reliable and cost effective with quick delivery in mind. Many shipments are made usually within a week in our plant under our control by skilled and dedicated and conscientious Straval employees. If the product is not in stock, we can usually  respond in 1 to 2 weeks for standard materials or 3-4 weeks for custom high end alloys such as Titanium, Hastelloy and Monel and Alloy 20. These lead times are usually posted for each product type. We do not as a rule stock a finished product. We only assemble to order, where every order is different since you are able to customize,  thereby freeing up inventory to respond to individual customer needs. There are few valve companies that  give the customer the freedom to customize their valve and  have most of these options  pre-priced and ready to order on line without having to contact the factory.

But if you do need to contact us please do during normal business hours, or 24/7 by email.

Distributors, resellers, and OEM’s are welcome to participate in our broadly expanding product capabilities and offerings. 







Our customers are able to construct a custom valve price using unique material combinations for their specific application, print out a quotation directly to their printer. No registration or sign in requirement to get instantaneous pricing. An e-mail feature has been recently added so that a quote can be e-mailed to an associate, customer, or even to oneself, which eliminates the need for paper. Finally, an order can be placed directly online night or day 24/7. Many of our popular models are now have prices uploaded. Use our on-line Quotation Request Form to make custom or special inquiries, or if a price does not appear for a specific option, simply click on "Quote" and submit and we'll get back to your inquiry. For customers that have had our products for many years and wish to order spare parts, they are now able to look up the pricing directly online from our Parts Directory if you already have the part number for your Straval product. These parts are now tied to our online ordering system and may be ordered on-line for your convenience. For valves already shipped and in use, specific product information, product serial numbers and recommended spares can now be looked up by using the Search box located on the top right side of any of our website pages.

Distributors or resellers, contact us to see if you are eligible for resale discounts.


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