New Relief Valve Model Available

new relief valve model

New Relief Valve Model

RVH05i :

The Model RVH05i is a compact inline relief valve with a wide variety of configurations available. This pipe sizes are ¼” – 1”with female NPT process connections standard.

These units offer end users the ability to select the desired orifice size, materials of construction, metal or soft seat, and spring ranges from as low as 25 psig to as high as 4500 psig.

Compact design, high performance, field adjustable spring (Within the range selected), and very competitive pricing make this a popular model!

When smaller sized orifice selections are made or if you application contains solids, Straval offers a variety of media strainers for your consideration.

Low pressure application can benefit from the installation of strainer(s) like model STF05, or for higher system pressure perhaps SBS10 would be a better solution.

For additional information or assistance with the selection process please contact us directly.