SAE Code 62 Flanged Bypass Valve

SAE Code 62 Flanged Bypass Valves:

Flanged Bypass Valve

BRH-05-J518-Code 62

Use this regulating valve for back pressure control applications such as maintaining constant pump discharge pressures, bypassing excessive pressures from various types of process equipment, and wherever a constant pressure must be maintained in a process or piping system. These units are commonly used for compressor application to maintain a head pressure on the pump during initial start-up! Pricing is readily available on our website

Standard wetted materials are 303SS and 316SS for contact with the process fluid, and Carbon Steel, 303SS, or 316SS for the non-wetted materials. Valve can operate in any orientation: vertical, horizontal and is offered in an angle pattern (90 Deg.) configuration as shown.

Designed with a metal seat this valve will offer ANSI CLASS IV shut off, and a pressure rating of 6000 psig for the most demanding high pressure applications.

Please consult factory for assistance with technical concerns or proper size selection.