Flanged Series PRH04 Pressure Reducing Regulators

Can be found here:


pressure reducing regulatorsPRH04-FLG

The series PRH04 is available in threaded, and NOW in 300#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, and 2500# RF flanged configurations. Pricing is readily available on our website www.Straval.com

Designed for clean, filtered or strained, non-abrasive liquid service: oils, lubricants, greases, solvents, and most non-fluorinated chemicals compatible with Teflon PTFE seals.

PRH04 Pressure reducing regulators are piston-operated, PTFE packing, and metal-seated without any elastomers.  (ANSI CLASS IV Shut off capability!!!)

The balanced piston design of this model accommodates large variations in inlet pressure. With minimal effect on the desired outlet set pressure.

Valve can operate in any orientation: vertical, horizontal and is offered in an angle pattern (90 Deg.) as shown.

Standard wetted materials are 303SS and 316SS for contact with the process, and Carbon Steel, 303SS, or 316SS for the non-wetted materials.

With a variety of material, spring range and connection options in sizes from ½” – 6” pipe size, the PRH04 series pressure reducing regulators can be utilized to meet the most demanding application needs.

Please consult factory for assistance with technical concerns or proper size selection.

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