In-Line Sanitary Tri-Clamp Vacuum Breaker / Vacuum Relief Valves

vrv-tcVRV-TC Series Inline Sanitary Tri-Clamp Vacuum Breaker / Vacuum Relief Valves

In line 180 degree threaded process connections, for low flow gas or liquid applications! The lower Flow Cv rating may require using a larger pipe sized valve for most applications.

The Series VRV-TC was designed with a soft seat and this configuration will offer ANSI CLASS VI shut off.  This VRV-TC offers an economical Sanitary Tri-Clamp solution for vacuum service in all SS construction from ½”-3” pipe size!

Straval offers an optional Dust cover/Screen for this model to prevent solids from entering the process pipe line.

Pricing is readily available on our website

Standard wetted materials are 303SS and 316SS in contact with the process fluid, and a variety of seal option allow you to install the VRV-TC in the most demanding applications. The VRV-TC can be installed in any orientation: vertical, horizontal and is offered in an inline configuration as shown.

Please consult factory for assistance with technical concerns or proper size selection.